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The project is built in partnership between the Cryptocurrency Investment Fund TLS Group.,LLC, Si14., LLC Investment Group Si14.,LLC , and Acor Direct Company. TLS Group is a supplier of solutions for mining with a full range of services. TLS Group offers turnkey mining services or custom packages tailored to the needs of customers: full range of mining services. Si14 is an innovator in the investment management system, developer of capital management algorithms in the financial and stock markets. Acor Direct is an innovator in Sheep Energy systems, a developer and a patent holder of a unique technology for the processing of solar energy and software control chips. Nowadays, there is no secret for the mining community that the traditional mining of cryptocurrencies using ASIC devices and GPU is a very energy-intensive event. Our company, together with partners, owns the patented technology of solar energy processing.

Team Members
Chief Marketing Officer
Ruslan Khokhlov
President of the cryptocurrency fund TLS Group
Viktor Kopylov
President of the Financial Group Si14
Anatoly Korogodsky
CEO of the Group of Companies Akor Direkt
Alexander Korogodsky
Chief Designer of Production, Head of the Main Design Department
Deepanshu Bhatt
Investor Relation
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