Alchemint (Currency)

Alchemint is a decentralized value-stable digital currency administration framework that keeps running on the blockchain of NEO. It makes elite application-level advanced cash through circulated record innovation. A progression of hazard control measures like the home loan of advanced resources, the arrival of stable computerized monetary standards, the administration of the market estimation of guarantee are actualized by keen contracts to set up a strong, open, straightforward and stablecoin issuance framework. Anybody can issue stablecoin by selling esteem changed NEO resources (or any advanced resources endorsed by Alchemint Governance Committee) like sdusd with the swapping scale of 1 on USD (the cash can be euro or RMB). Since the sdusd is made, it can be utilized to pay like some other cryptocurrency, dispatch, store of significant worth or best up in advanced resources trade to buy other key monetary standards of computerized resources.

Team Members
Zhang Ting
CEO/ Founder
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$5,000,000 Private sale $43,000,000 11%
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