Ankr Network (Data Services)

Ankr Blockchain is a progressive multi-chain and valuable work based blockchain with local verified information feed. Ankr Blockchain gives an imaginative answer for the accompanying issues: Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) allows for a self-sustainable blockchain system with the possibility to open sit out of gear figuring power the world over, shaping a decentralized super-CPU. Local verified information feed with institutionalized API empowers basic true business reception. Multi-chain Plasma execution enables distinctive applications to deal with application-particular shrewd contracts on singular tyke chains, keeping exchanges from over-burdening the PoUW-based primary chain. Ankr endeavors to construct an asset effective blockchain system that really empowers decentralized distributed computing and gives easy to understand foundation to business applications. Working together with industry accomplices, Ankr Network will likewise propose and add to a few illustration kid chains that address particular business situations, including land, money related items, vehicle, craftsmanship gathering, wine, and others. Ankr will open new possibilities with the accompanying advancements: Standardized APIs for associating with existing business-prepared Internet arrangements. Speed and Scalability from a novel blockchain design. Security and privacy empowered by confided in equipment. Environment friendly mining and sharing of processing assets. Dependable local Oracle solution.

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