Atronocom Saft Crowdsale (DApp)

Atronocom is a service to society, delivered through technology in the form of software. Technology is the infrastructure. This is not the dream of a single person. It is a project driven by a group of people with the same goal of changing the way we exchange value on a global scale, affordable to everyone that has access to a mobile phone or computer. ATRONOCOM is a safe, secure platform for payments and communications. Encrypted and secured to Pentagon standards. The world of Staking, Banking, Exchange, OTC and Communication on your fingertips! Also we are not conducting a ICO, but instead we are running a SAFT crowdsale (Simple Agreement For Future Tokens) which have more benefits and greater security for investors. Don’t miss the opportunity and join the legion of ATRONOCOM.

Team Members
Maximilian Kozdron
Thomas Koller
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Upcoming Ico

$5,000,000 Private sale $43,000,000 11%
Goal: Not set
Goal: TBA
Goal: 30,000,000 USD
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