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LexRay is a decision-enabling mobile platform that empowers organizations to run their operations from anywhere. LexRay Blockchain endeavors to build an open-source decentralized marketplace to connect decentralized applications on the Ethereum network to the existing LexRay Mobile Operations Platform and LexRay Mobile Client. We aim to increase the adoption of blockchain technology and the Ethereum network by providing our customers with access to the LexRay Decentralized Marketplace. This enables mobile operators to tap into decentralized applications, services, and infrastructure on the Ethereum network and the Web3 stack, a decentralized trustless secured backend to the Internet.

Team Members
Jim Argiropoulos
Richard Dai
Simon Zhang
Chairman of the Board
Nicolai H. Claus
Director of the Board
Neiman Wong
Product Manage
Tom Wroblewski
Technical Lead
Dao Cuong
Senior Mobile Engineer
John Hannemann
Software Engineer
Jason Wu
Full Stack Engineer
Velimir Tubic
Full Stack Software Engineer
Michael Laraway
Marketing Associate
Daniel Ruvins
Marketing Associate
Joseph Mei
Ronald Kogens
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