Moonlight (Blockchain)

The Moonlight stage uses various industry standard ideas as well as those established by the City of Zion Foundation to characterize a biological community which all inclusive streamlines work from both a worker and manager point of view while likewise enhancing open trust in venture achievement. To do this, we utilize the Neo Blockchain to send a system of trustless resumes on the Neo Blockchain to stay our stage's devices which will at first incorporate a worldwide undertaking match-production benefit and expository task administration stage. The objective of these apparatuses is to lessen the compartmentalization of assets which has verifiably hampered the item improvement space to construct a workforce stage for the keen economy.

Team Members
Alan Fong
Business Development Director, Co‑Founder
Tyler B. Adams
Architect, Co‑Founder
Michael de Wal
Back‑End Developer, Co‑Founder
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