NAi (Blockchain)

NAi is a Prediction Market place where Artificial insight and Block chain innovative technology for the money related markets all over world covering Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Derivatives and Crypto resources. NAi is made to bring over a billion investors world wide who are compelled to depend on the minority of financial organizations for data and information with regards to their investments. With Nai, they will have a stage where they will able to predict almost perfect accuracy, the way of any money related assets. The stage utilizing AI, Block chain Technology and the gathered information of 150 year s on money related markets, worldwide, will accomplish what prior appeared to be inconceivable. NAi will the ability to solve all the issues faced by all financial specialists around the globe by forecasting through Artificial Intelligence, the probability of their investments succeeding or not. Through NAi, in addition to AI based forecasts, any financial specialist from anywhere in the world can contribute their investment wherever they need, in whatever area of asset, and furthermore get more significant contribution from different financier's also. NAi will give the intensity of investments decisions in the hands of the financial expertise, as never done before.

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