Requesting a job to be dismissed after it is finished and not complying with the deal at the last minute
In the first instance, Peerion requested a website campaign. The agreement consisted of an original creation about their project and an attached image. We created the related document and image for their project and brand image. Once delivered, Peerion rejected the document and the designed image; by requesting to publish a document and an image of his authorship, it was accepted without objection.

Once it was agreed to publish, the link to the publication of the content was delivered. Now, Peerion refuses to give tokens for the publication. Peerion refuses to fulfill its part of the deal. And as a medium that published its content, we are forced to remove it from our publications.

Peerion could have chosen to negotiate or decline the publication previously and did not do so.
It seems like an interesting project, but it has made other people work for nothing and it’s not something that can be seen in a positive frame of view. Could it definitely be an “exit scam” if Peerion treated media and websites in its industry in that way? We’re a bit surprised when Jeremy Klein hasn’t advocated a solution.

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