Terawatt (Blockchain)

Terawatt is a patent-pending, sustainable power source blockchain startup, with a solid spotlight on adaptation and driving worldwide L.E.D. reception. Terawatt will make a DAO, and furthermore a deflationary Ethereum-based, private (zk-SNARKS) cash for worldwide installments. The DAO will be subsidized and utilized by Utility Companies, L.E.D. Venders, Businesses, token holders, and vitality clients around the world. The DAO will go about as a decentralized worldwide common/protection reserve to guarantee Utilities (and organizations) dependably approach financing (which continually runs out) for sponsoring L.E.D. deals to their vitality clients (or for organizations moving up to L.E.D.s).

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$5,000,000 Private sale $43,000,000 11%
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Goal: TBA
Goal: 30,000,000 USD
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