Verasity (Social)

Verasity is building up a cutting edge video sharing stage. This stage will engage Creators and enhance the experience of watching video on the web. Verasity's group of media, innovation and blockchain specialists are building another model where Creators and Viewers execute straightforwardly on the Blockchain, expelling the requirement for delegates. The Verasity Player and online video stage is completely utilitarian and can be seen at: This incorporates the Verasity Player Wallet model. The "VERA" token is another medium of trade and reward for video creation, sharing and review over the Verasity people group. Anybody watching recordings can gain VERA cash. On the off chance that they watch adverts or share the recordings with their system, they will then get further rewards in VERA. The stage gives Creators also, Publishers an assortment of adaptation answers for browse. Verasity's main goal is to enable them to create more incentive from their substance. All exchanges of the VERA token will be followed and put away on the Blockchain using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).

Team Members
David Orman
CEO and Co-Founder
David Rower
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